All of my enamel pins are graded in a well-lit room at arm's length, and then stored in individually sealed backs. Only the front of the pin is graded.

Everyone has slightly different methods for grading pins, and you can find my grading system below. 

A (standard) grade:

Unless otherwise noted, all pins sold on this site will be from the A (standard) grade group. These pins are close to perfect, and may have minor faults such as:

  • Superficial scratches or marks  
  • Superficial dots or specks 
  • Slightly underfilled enamel
  • Slightly discolored metal

B grade:

I generally do not sell B grade pins on my site. These pins have more obvious issues which can include:

  • Obvious scratches or marks
  • Significantly underfilled enamel
  • Noticeably discolored metal
  • Unusable pin post

C grade:

I will not sell C grade pins as they contain major defects that significantly alter the original design.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding my enamel pins, please feel free to contact me.