I have experience in graphic design, branding, product design and scientific illustration.

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Tiger and Bunny Alphaca

Tiger and Bunny Alpacas

Designed internationally successful stuffed alpaca toys based on characters from popular anime series Tiger and Bunny (2013)

Client: Viz Media and YesAnime

Logo Design

Design process of Hastings Reservation's 75th Anniversary logo (2013)

Client: Hastings Reservation

Animation on Display Promotional Materials

Animation on Display (AOD) Promotional Materials

Client: Federation for the Promotion of Animation

Branden Frederick (AOD Head of Publications): "Lily is an amazing asset to AOD’s publications group, working well ahead of deadlines, providing a straight-forward and thorough transparency to her creation process. She is always eager to help out above and beyond the project’s requirements, and has become a distinctive and recognizable creative force behind our organization’s artwork.
We are entirely intent on continuing our relationship with Lily for future projects". (2012)


Caricature Examples


Realistic caricature paintings over three years in mixed traditional media. (2010-2012)

Ms. Baverman (client): "Every year for the past 3 years my sons and I have attended Sakura Con in Seattle. To commemorate the event we get their pictures done by Lily. Her work is so beautiful and the attention to detail is amazing. The boys love these paintings and the paintings are a treasured keepsake for all of us. We look forward to having her paint them every year." (2012)