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Banner image from 2012 lab camping trip
figure from Marcy et al 2013

"Species ranges are mediated by physiology, environmental factors, and competition with other organisms..."
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Laura interview

The Hispaniolan Solenodon is an ancient venomous mammal, and virtually nothing is known about its venom. To search for clues, Laura gathered local ecological knowledge on the symptoms of village dogs envenomated by solenodons in the Dominican Republic, and Alexis is using this data as the foundation for scientific studies of the venom. (Read more)

Gov. Jerry Brown discussing Earth’s tipping point with UC Berkeley professor Tony Barnosky at the WEST Summit 2013 - UC Berkeley News Center

"Responding to a challenge by California Gov. Jerry Brown, more than 500 of the world’s top global change scientists have outlined the main environmental issues – from climate change to pollution and population growth – that policy makers must address immediately to avoid an approaching global tipping point". (Read more: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Meeting at Galapagos

The Galapagos. Every biologist knows about it, dreams about it. It is a sacred site to multiple disciplines, functioning as Jerusalem does to Christians, Jews, and Muslims. It was here where observations of biodiversity lead to the most important work in evolutionary biology (... more)

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